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Shipping a vehicle can be tricky. If you are not careful you will end up spending more than you should. Please read the important info below... .it could save you hundreds!
Auto Haulers INC. is a top rated vehicle shipping company that specializes in local and nationwide car shipping. Through our internal fleet and external network, we will find you the best price for shipping your vehicle, GUARANTEED! Others may say this WE MEAN IT!

Q. "There are so many auto transport companies, what makes yours different?

A. "We specialize in discount auto transport. Our goal is to gain your business by offering the best possible price for shipping your vehicle. This doesn't mean that we sacrifice service. We have been involved in the auto transport industry for close to 2r years. We know how to work the system to give you the lowest bottom line price on your auto transport. We slash unnecessary fees that many brokers charge and use our experience and networks to ship your vehicle"

Q. "I noticed many other auto transport companies have forms to fill out and submit just to gt a quote, do I fill out a form to get my shipment quote?

A. "NO! You are spending good money on your transport, you should be able to talk to a live person! Other companies use forms to collect the information for your shipment. Some of these companies will sell your information to spammers. We do not like spam. Forms will also give you in-accurate quotes. They basically calculate your shipment based a cost per mile that is set by the company. We have heard timz-and time again from customers who received a price from the quote form, only to be told that the price would be more when the vehicle was delivered. There are many factors to take into account for each route. These factors will affect your price and delivery time. This is why we are one of the only companies to have a 24hr. toll free quote line. You will speak with a live person who will give you a real time quote, the only form you will have to fill out is the form when you are ready to ship the vehicle" (UPDATE 3/25/09 - WE HAVE BEEN HEARING MORE AND MORE LATELY THAT ONCE THE CUSTOMER FILLS OUT THE FORM THEY GET INNUNDA TED WITH CALLS AND EMAILS FROM DOZENS OF TRUCKS AND BROKERS - ONE CUSTOMER TOLD US SHE RECEIVED 35 EMAILS IN ONE DAY AND NEARLY THE SAME AMOUNT OF CALLS!!)
Q. "I noticed you have a low price guarantee"
A. "Yes, let us know any other price you have been quoted. We will meet or beat any written quote - guaranteed" BEWARE OF LOW QUOTES! it is a common practice for brokers to give low quotes to get your deposit. If they won't put it in writing, the quote is junk. Don't give anyone your deposit until they have a truck ready to pick up your car and can commit to a pick up date. We do not take a dime until we have the truck ready!

Q. "Will I be able to track my vehicle once it is picked up? A. Yes, we offer free LIVE tracking on every vehicle. This means that you will be able to call anytime day or night and find out where your vehicle is.

Q. "Is my vehicle insured??
A. Yes, your vehicle is covered by a cargo policy, some carriers do not carry this, or try to charge extra which is a deceptive practice. We must have a cargo policy on your vehicle by federal law.